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Groundlift is a power trio hailing from the cold streets of Boston, Massachusetts. The joining of their three varied and eclectic music tastes resulted in a fresh, unique sound where Ace’s love of beautiful melodies, Mike’s adventurous Queen-like writing style, and Leah’s unbridled technical prowess all shine through. 


Starting at Berklee College of Music, they are three musicians obsessed with their craft, allowing each other to fire on all cylinders with no holds barred. Combining tasty and inventive licks with catchy melodic hooks, surreal lyrics, shredding guitar-drum-AND bass solos, and an unfathomable rhythmic tightness, Groundlift is truly a band unlike any other. 


Serving the music is Groundlift’s only goal. In a world where many things are fake and manufactured, Groundlift aims to rise above the norms and bring people a unique, honest, and contemporary rock experience. Now with their latest collaboration with producer Steve Evetts, the trio has honed their sound into a mix of hard rock, funk, blues, progressive rock, and Brit-pop glory.

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"Leah is one kick ass drummer and Mike is a hell of a bass player too! Check out this really cool single they put out… The song goes through about four completely different styles but ties it all together and it’s really remarkable! Great song! Leah is the future of drumming!"

- Phil Soussan on Till You Run Out of Time (Bass player from Last In Line, Ozzy, Billy Idol, Vince Neil)

"Groundlift is the most innovative and hard hitting up and coming rock group that I’ve heard in years. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they become a household name in the not too distant future. Great music and great people.  If you’re tired of the same old same old, go have a listen to Groundlift and you’ll get your socks knocked off and your blood pumping." - Grant Stinnett

"Take some Motley Crue-style riffage, a drummer who hits the kit like Animal and vocals that are a cross between a young Layne Staley and Scott Weiland at his strongest and you have the delightful Rawk cocktail that is Groundlift" - RockandRollFables


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